Channel Swimming Association

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The CSA Trophy Cabinet

The Audrey Scott Commemorative Award
Greatest Contribution to the CSA

The Belhedi Trophy
Fastest Swimmer on the Highest Tide

The Bill Pickering Shield
Fastest Ladies Relay (not 6 Swimmers)

The CSA Centenary Cup
Fastest Swim by a British person

The CSA Gold Medal
Fastest Solo Swim

The CSA Special Award Shield

The Derek Turner Trophy
The Earliest / Latest Swim (the mid point is 14th August)

The Garnet Martin Cup
Fastest Relay

The Gertrude Ederle Cup
World Record 2 Way Swim

The Graeme Thompson Memorial Cup
Youngest Successful Swimmer

The Howe Bridge CRT Award
Fastest Breaststroke Swimmer

The John Bullett Cup
Youngest Relay Team

The John & Gwen Jacques Shield
Fastest Ladies Relay

The John Unicume Wood Cup
Fastest Swim by a Man

The Julie Bradshaw Award
Greatest Feat of Endurance by a Ladies Relay

The Julie Bradshaw Trophy
Fastest Butterfly Swim

The Lada Cross Channel Cup
Fastest Junior Relay

The Letona Trophy
King of the Channel®
Most Successful Swims by a CSA Man

Mark Rickhuss Memorial Trophy
Fastest 2 Way Swim

The Montserrat Tresserras Cup
Fastest Swimmer from a New Country

The Montserrat Tresserras Shield
Fastest Mens Relay (not 6 Swimmers)

The Observer of the Year Shield
CSA Observer of the Year

The O'Clee Jubilee Cup
The Oldest Successful Swimmer

The Oldman Trophy
BLDSA Swimmer of the year

The Pierre Van Vooren Memorial Trophy
Swim in the most Arduous Conditions

The Ray & Audrey Scott Trophy
Queen of the Channel®
Most Successful Swims by a CSA Lady

The Ray Cossum Shield
Fastest Mixed Relay (not 6 Swimmers)

The Ray Scott Memorial Shield
Fastest Mixed Relay

The Robert Lyle Memorial Cup
Fastest American Swimmer

The Rosemary George Trophy
Most Meritorious Swimmer

The Sotiraki Cup
Fastest Swim by a Lady

The Stan Maycock Shield
Fastest Mens Relay

The Sunny Lowry Cup
Fastest British Lady

The Teresa Zarzeczanska Cup
Fastest 2 Way Ladies Relay

The Van Audenaerde Endurance Cup
Greatest Feat of Endurance

The Van Audenaerde Tankard
Special Award to a Disabled Swimmer