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The CSA Observer of the Year

The Observer of the Year Shield, presented in memory of Peter Frayne, for the 'CSA Observer of the Year Award'.

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Joan BeachEngland1988
Frank RichardsEngland1989
Norman TrustyEngland1991
Frank Richards / Raymond ScottEngland1992
John WoodwardEngland1993
John WoodwardEngland1994
Frank Richards / John WoodwardEngland1995
Emma RustonEngland1996
Colin OrchardEngland1997
Jim TaylorEngland1998
Derek CarterEngland1999
Derek CarterEngland2000
Mick AustinEngland2001
Brian HarbottleEngland2002
Robert MorganEngland2003
David FeriganEngland2004
Anne SloneEngland2005
Keith Jefferies / Anne SloneEngland2006
Keith Jefferies / Anne SloneEngland2007
Steve FranksEngland2008
Steve Franks / Mikee PhillipsEngland2009
Sabine PhillipsEngland2010
Steve FranksEngland2011
Keith OillerEngland2012
Steve Franks / Keith OillerEngland2013