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The Fastest American Swimmer

The Robert Lyle Memorial Cup kindly donated by Rosemary George for the 'Fastest American Swimmer' Award.

* Record Time
** First Leg of a 2 Way Swim

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Maureen TraversUSAE-F12:411990
Deborah BryantUSAE-F11:571991
Nial FunchionUSAE-F13:171992
Karen BurtonUSAE-F09:041993
Chad Hundeby *USAE-F07:171994
P.H. MullenUSAE-F08:261995
Becky FensonUSAE-F10:121996
Marcella MacDonaldUSAE-F12:571997
John LangtonUSAE-F11:561998
Gail RiceUSAE-F08:121999
Marcella MacDonaldUSAE-F09:422000
Christopher DerksUSAE-F08:322001
Dave Parcells **USAE-F10:122002
Andrea KargeUSAE-F10:092003
Rose RiceUSAE-F10:212004
Erica WattsUSAE-F09:022005
David BarnesUSAE-F14:012006
Michelle MacyUSAE-F10:022007
Mallory MeadUSAE-F10:342008
Lance OgrenUSAE-F11:352009
Douglas WrightUSAE-F11:362010
Jenny BirmelinUSAE-F11:312011
Paul RobinsonUSAE-F11:312011
Michelle MacyUSAE-F10:352012
Danielle WahlUSAE-F09:502013