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The Fastest Relay Team

The Garnet Martin Cup, donated by Mrs Garnet-Martin for the 'Fastest Relay Team of the Year' Award.

** 2 Way Swim

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Phoencians S.ClubEnglandF-E09:581965
Radcliffe S.ClubEnglandF-E09:261966
Tyldesley S.CIubEnglandE-F11:371967
4th Btn. The Queens RegimentEnglandF-E09:551968
Haagse Bluf TeamHollandE-F09:291969
Assn. of Swimming TherepyEnglandF-E14:011970
U.N. Relay Team **InternationalE-F-E24:071971
School Remedial GymnasticsEnglandF-E13:031972
Hetzels Texas VolunteersInternationalE-F10:011973
Hetzels Texas Volunteers 11 **InternationalE-F-E17:501974
Egyptian Relay TeamEgyptF-E09:171975
Egyption Relay TeamEgyptE-F08:051976
Saudi Arabian Relay **Saudi ArabiaE-F-E16:051977
Lada Ireland Jnr.Channel TeamIrelandE-F08:401978
Veterans "St Gillois" BrusselsBelgiumE-F11:051979
7th. Reg. Royal Horse Artillery **EnglandE-F-E19:401980
Dover Lifeguards ClubEnglandE-F07:171981
City of Leicester Swimming ClubEnglandE-F08:111982
Rabins RaidersAnglo - AmericanE-F10:061983
BLDSA Junior MembersEnglandF-E08:461984
West-One International **EnglandE-F-E15:361985
IDCC RelayEnglandE-F07:291986
Colerado / Kent Friendship TeamAnglo - AmericanE-F08:331987
Hythe Swim'g Club Red TeamEnglandE-F09:121988
Hoddes Who?EnglandE-F09:581989
U.S. National Swim Team **USAE-F-E14:181990
Tower Records MultinationalInternationalE-F08:231991
RAF Swimming TeamEnglandE-F08:271992
Wielkopolanka '93 **PolandE-F-E20:431993
Channel Cup TeamEnglandE-F08:291994
Dover Lifeguard "A" TeamEnglandE-F13:291995
Olympic ClubUSAE-F08:051996
Swimming Partnership Brazil 97BrazilE-F08:381997
Pine Crest Seniors **USA / France / HollandF-E08:051998
Egyptian L.D.S.F.JuniorsEgyptE-F07:431999
Oxford University TeamInternationalE-F08:182000
Arena English Channel Relay TeamEnglandE-F09:232001
Oxford University TeamInternationalE-F09:072002
Glasgow University Relay TeamBritishE-F10:572003
Cambridge University Relay TeamInternationalE-F08:492004
Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire RelayJapanE-F10:062005
Halifax S C Ladies Relay TeamBritishE-F09:592006
The Halstead PenguinsBritishE-F11:002007
Cambridge University Relay TeamBritishE-F10:202008
ILIM Smugairle RoinEireE-F13:552009
Cambridge University Relay TeamBritishE-F08:512010
ZRDSP Channel SwimBritishE-F10:132011
Big Rick's Swim TeamBritainE-F10:562012
Andy's LadiesBritainF-E08:522013