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The Greatest Contribution to the CSA

The Audrey Scott Commemorative Award for the 'Greatest Contribution during the Year to The Channel Swimming Association'.

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Angela OramAssistant Secretary1994
Michael OramSecretary1995
John PowisHonorary Treasurer1996
Duncan TaylorSecretary1997
Norman TrustyVice Chairman1998
Alison TaylorAssistant Secretary1999
Marlene Smith2000
Fred Hammond / Tom Watch2001
Anne SloneObserver2002
Duncan TaylorSecretary2003
Montserrat TresserrasVice President2004
Joan MetcalfeCompany Secretary / OLO2005
Michael ReadChairman2006
Keith JefferiesSwimmer's Liaison Officer2007
Dan EarthquakeObserver Liaison Officer2008
Julie BradshawSecretary2009
Susan RactliffeDirector / Webmaster2010
Ghislaine Van VoorenVice President2011
Brian Metcalfe2012
Peter Van VoorenChairman2012
Clive BurbageVice Chairman2013