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Queen of the Channel® - Most Successful Swims by a British Lady

The Ray & Audrey Scott Trophy awarded to the Queen of the Channel® for the 'Most Successful Swims, conducted under CSA rules, by a Lady'.

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Gertrude Ederle14:391926
Florence Chadwick14:421953
Florence Chadwick13:551955
Greta Andersen13:401964
Greta Andersen13:491965
Cynthia Nicholas12:151978
Cynthia Nicholas10:101979
Cynthia Nicholas10:451979
Cynthia Nicholas19:121979
Cynthia Nicholas10:191980
Cynthia Nicholas10:001980
Cynthia Nicholas10:111981
Cynthia Nicholas22:211982
Cynthia Nicholas18:561982
Cynthia Nicholas20:091982
Alison Streeter22:201992
Alison Streeter10:161993
Alison Streeter11:141993
Alison Streeter10:171993
Alison Streeter10:481994
Alison Streeter09:401994
Alison Streeter10:241994
Alison Streeter11:261994
Alison Streeter11:531995
Alison Streeter09:551995
Alison Streeter10:581995
Alison Streeter20:551995
Alison Streeter09:301996
Alison Streeter09:311996
Alison Streeter11:351997
Alison Streeter11:141997
Alison Streeter10:561998
Alison Streeter11:031999
Alison Streeter12:282000