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World Record 2 Way Swim

The Gertrude Ederle Cup kindly donated by The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame for the 'World Record 2 Way Swim' Award.

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Antonio AbertondoArgentinaE-F-E43:101961
Ted Erikson *USAE-F-E30:031965
Jon Erikson *USAE-F-E30:001970
Cynthia Nicholas *CanadaE-F-E19:551977
Jon EriksonUSAE-F-E22:161979
Cynthia Nicholas *CanadaE-F-E19:121979
Jon EriksonUSAF-E-F28:171981
Cynthia Nicholas *CanadaE-F-E18:551982
Irene Van Der Laan *HollandE-F-E18:151983
Osama MomtazEgyptE-F-E21:371984
Philip Rush *New ZealandE-F-E17:561985
Philip RushNew ZealandF-E-F20:261987
Alison StreeterEnglandF-E-F24:041990
Susie Maroney *AustraliaE-F-E17:141991