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More July Successes.....

Tuesday, 07 August 2012

Three more relay teams made the arduous swim across the English Channel in July. The 3-person relay 'Hayling Legends' (British) swam on 20th July in 11h 33m with their pilot Stuart Gleeson; and the other two teams, also both British, the first 'Force 6' swam on 26th July in 14h 27m with their pilot Eric Hartley and the following day on 27th July the team 'G29 Wild Swimmers Eastbourne' (5) swam in a time of 15h 05m with their pilot Ray Cooper. Congratulations guys - brilliant swims!

Two more solo swimmers also made it across, including Marcus Walmsley (British) on 15th July in 12h 02m with pilot Reg Brickell and Michelle Macy from the USA on 26th July in a time of 10h 35m also with Reg Brickell.

Fantastic swims guys....!