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Top 3 fitness trackers for open water swimming

Posted on: 15th June 2016

Top 3 fitness trackers for open water swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular pastimes and activities in the entire world, especially during the summer where the open waters begin to warm up due to the increasing temperatures. Open water swimming is not just an enjoyable pastime, it is also a fantastic form of physical exercise and activity, providing a whole host of various health and fitness benefits. The main issue with swimming in open water however, is that you generally can’t really judge how hard you’ve worked, or whether what you’re doing is the right thing to be doing. Fitness and activity trackers help provide solutions to these problems, and for that reason, here’s a look at the top 3 fitness trackers for open water swimming.

Garmin Fr920XT Triathlon watch – First up we have this multisport triathlon watch from Garmin, who are extremely well established in the activity tracking fields. The watch itself features Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, it allows you to track numerous forms of daily activity, it logs personal records, it features a recovery advisor, a colour screen and display, and much much more. In terms of open water swimming however, the device really comes into its own as it features a swimming interval rest timer as well as a swimming drill mode in the process. Whilst in the water, users can track their lengths, stroke type, distance covered, pace, and stroke count. The watch even receives smart notifications, so you know whether or not you have received an email/text/call etc.

Mio Alpha 2 – Up next we have the Mio Alpha 2. This watch not only tracks activity, it also measures heart rate as well, making it very popular amongst swimmers. The watch provides precision heart rate readings, it tracks calories burnt, distance travelled, and much more besides. There is even an LED heart rate zone indicator as well. It is waterproof to 100ft, so unless you plan on deep, deep sea diving, your open water swimming workouts will be logged and tracked with no troubles in the slightest. The device can be synced with smart devices, it features an audible beep warning, and it doesn’t even require a chest strap to measure your heart rate.

Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch – Finally, the last offering that we have today is the Suunto Ambit 3 sports watch. The watch features an in-built GPS system, and features advanced function for cycling, running, and swimming. It features a small heart rate sensor, 30 hour’s worth of battery, the ability to measure your heart rate during swimming, the ability to track pace, distance, and speed, plus you can even take photos and images, which show your current distance, speed, and plenty more. The device even allows users to instantly share data and information on social media, so you can keep others updated as to how you’re getting on.

For the serious open water swimmers, strapping on a water fitness tracker can prove an invaluable tool for both your training and swimming performance. Not only can you track your swimming efficiency, you can set the fitness tracker to help you train within a targetted heart rate zone for optimal output. The three waterproof fitness trackers outlined are just some of the top rated devices for open water swimming today. For an indepth review and trends on the best waterproof fitness trackers, visit


You will be surprised at the number of fitness trackers that are available for swimming and for multi sport purpose.