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6 Person Relay from France to England (1 Way)

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Folkestone Swimming Club (6)England14:571954
City of London School for Girls (10)England16:201964
Denstone College (Boys) (10)England11:271964
Spitalfields Market (10)England14:361964
City of Rochester Swimming ClubEngland10:471965
Middlesbrough L.D.S.C.England10:151965
Phoenicians S.CEngland09:581965
Radcliffe S.C.England09:291966
Oundle SchoolEngland11:451966
Girl Guide AssociationEngland13:101966
St. Bernadett's Youth ClubEngland14:501966
Portsmouth & Southsea Life Guards C.England12:061966
North West Area Sea CadetsEngland12:091966
Royal Tunbridge Wells Monson S. ClubEngland09:451966
Pirelli General/British TransportEngland13:571967
Stoke-on-Trent Channel TeamEngland12:331967
St. Richard of Chichester Boys' SchoolEngland14:091967
Bank of England, LondonEngland12:171967
4th Bn. The Queen's RegimentEngland09:551968
Lamorbey Training and Swimming ClubEngland17:581969
Southfields School TeamEngland14:101970
Woodberry Down Boys Club RelayEngland14:101970
Association of Swimming TherapyEngland14:011970
Wimbledon and Merton Swimming ClubEngland15:381971
Eltham Swimming and Training ClubEngland14:551972
School of Remedial Gymnastics RelayEngland13:031972
Stratford School Girls TeamEngland14:051974
C.S.A. Channel Conquerors Centenary TeamInternational11:291975
Jersey Long Distance Swim ClubJersey09:501975
Egyptian Relay TeamEngland09:171975
Arab Nations Relay TeamEgypt / SA / Sy / Su09:441975
Royal Navy Relay TeamEngland10:121975
Warrington Dolphins Relay TeamEngland10:311975
Kings Lynn GladiatorsEngland13:291975
Gravesend & Northfleet Swimming Club/Junior TeamEngland13:191975
Swinton Relay TeamEngland11:361976
Oxford Channel RelayEngland15:201977
Rabins RaidersUSA / England10:061983
RPC Forman's House Team Eton CollegeEngland14:031983
Fraser Court Relay TeamEngland17:271984
BLDSA Junior MembersEngland08:461984
Belgium/Japan RelayBelgium / Japan08:331985
Disabled Swimming Team of EgyptEgypt11:231985
Friendship Relay InternationalInternational09:451985
Solent Breast Stroke RelayEngland19:291988
Keighley Breast Stroke Channel RelayEngland14:321988
San Francisco Dolphin Swim ClubUSA13:511989
RAF Swimming Team 94England08:331994
12 Supply Regiment Relay TeamUK13:461994
Audrey Scott Ladies Commemorative RelayEngland14:401994