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King of the ChannelMichael Read 33 crossings2004
Queen of the ChannelAlison Streeter 39 crossings2000
Greatest number of E/F swimsMichael Read 30 crossings2004
Fastest Man One wayChad Hundeby7.171994
Fastest Lady One WayPenny Lee Dean7.401978
Fastest Man E/F One wayChad Hundeby7.171994
Fastest Lady E/F One wayPenny Lee Dean7.401978
Fastest British LadyRebecca Lewis8.352010
Fastest Man F/E One wayRichard Davey8.051988
Fastest Lady F/E One wayAlison Streeter8.481989
Longest soloHenry Sullivan26.501923
Longest 2 wayAntonio Abertondo43.101961
Longest 3 wayJon Erikson38.271981
First 2 wayAntonio Abertondo43.101961
Fastest 2 way Man E/F/EPhilip Rush16.101987
Fastest 2 way Man F/E/FPhilip Rush20.261987
First 2 way LadyCynthia Nicholas19.551977
Fastest 2 way Lady E/F/ESuzie Maroney17.141991
Fastest 2 way Lady F/E/FAlison Streeter24.041990
First 3 way Man E/F/E/FJon Erikson38.271981
Fastest 3 way Man E/F/E/FPhilip Rush28.211987
First 3 way Lady E/F/E/FAlison Streeter34.301990
Fastest Relay E/FUS National Swim Team6.521990
Fastest Ladies RelayDover Lifeguards7.171981
Fastest 2 way Relay E/F/EUS National Swim Team14.181990
Fastest 2 way Junior Relay E/F/EPine Crest Junior Relay Team19.251998
Fastest 3 way Relay E/F/E/FSun Rice Australia Team31.231993
First 4 way Relay E/F/E/F/ESun Rice Australia Team43.071993
Fastest Relay F/EUS National Swim Team7.261990
Fastest 2 way Relay F/E/FSun Rice Australia Team20.401993
Fastest 3 way Relay F/E/F/ESun Rice Australia Team32.241993
Fastest Junior Relay E/FEgyptian LDSF Jun. Team7.431999
Fastest Junior Relay F/EB.L.D.S.A. Junior Team8.461984
Fastest Japanese RelayTokyo Marine & Nichido Fire10.062005
Oldest ManClifford Batt Years/days67yr 240d1987
Oldest British ManJoe Smith Years/days65yr 91d1999
Oldest LadyCarol Sing Years/days57yr 361d1999
Oldest British LadyMorag Hughes Years/days54yr 131d2010
Youngest ManThomas Gregory Years/days11yr 330d1988
Youngest LadySamantha Druce Years/days12yr 118d1983
Earliest swim on recordKevin Murphy day/month12yr 5d1990
Latest swim on recordMichael Read day/month28th Oct1979
Fastest Butterfly swimJulie Bradshaw14.182002
Fastest BreaststrokeFrederik Jacques13.312005
Fastest BackstrokeTina Neill13.222005
Fastest Backstroke MenHaydn Welch17.021993
Fastest E-F Ladies RelayTravessia Balkis Canal de la Mancha a 4 *08.222011
Fastest 2 Way Ladies RelayTravessia Balkis Canel de la Mancha a 4*18:422011
Fastest 3 Way Ladies RelayJulie Bradshaw Triple Ladies Relay32.312004
Fastest Girls RelayPoznania?9310.001993
Youngest Relay TeamRoyal Tunbridge Wells Monson S.C12yr 130d1968
Fastest Male over age 50 E/FOtto Thanning10.291994
Fastest Female over age 50 E/FNancy Stedman-Smith11.202004
Fastest Male over age 50 F/EWilliam Edward Barnie14.451950