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We would like to record our thanks to ARMIN WUNDER for having taken much trouble to research and collate the following information.

Literature (advanced reading) for the interested swimmer.

For those of us who are not only interested in swimming to "the other side" but recognise that there is more to Channel Swimming (e.g. lots of living history, sports physiology, psychology and maybe even philosophy) please find below a list and abstracts of books on the topic of Channel Swimming. Most of them are out of print and some are also outdated in the sense that their contribution of information on the topic is only historical today.

If you need information on Channel Swimming that is essential and valid today make sure you obtain a copy of the CSA Information Pack for the current year or year ahead and the Channel Swimming Association Handbook 2006.

Both may be ordered from the Administrative Secretary of the CSA, see details under Information/Registration Pack.

The books that are rated "out of print" can usually be ordered from the web sites of:


The newer ones can either be ordered by any bookshop or an address to send the order and money to is given.

Books and abstracts:

Channel Swimming Association : Handbook, 2006, GB. Latest Edition.

Channel Swimming Association : Handbook, 1990, revised edition, GB. (out of print)

Channel Swimming Association : Handbook, 2002, 75th Anniversary Edition, GB.

Cleveland, Marcia: Swimming the English Channel, 1999, ISBN 0-9672091-0-2, 20 US $ To be obtained from the author: 915 Pine Tree Lane, Winnetka, IL 60093, USA E Mail: doversolo@aol.com

Dean, Penny Lee, Ed.D: Open Water Swimming - A complete guide for distance swimmers and triathletes, 1998, Human Kinetics, USA, ISBN 0-88011-704-4

Elderwick, David : Captain Webb Channel Swimmer, 1987, K.A.F. Brewin Books, GB. ISBN 0-947721-23-7

Forsberg, Gerald: Modern Long Distance Swimming, 1963, Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd, London, GB

Friedman, Sally: Swimming the Channel, 1996, Vintage, Random House, GB ISBN 0749-38575-8

Hetzel, Thomas J., Ph.D : Conquest of the English Channel, 1985, T Becket Publishing Company, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. (Out of print)

Howe, Tina: Pride's Crossing, 1998, Theatre Communications Group, NY, USA

Jagasich, Paul A : Two sides of the English Channel, 1989, Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia 23943, USA. To be obtained from the Publisher 15 US $ + S & H

Jarvis, Margaret A : Captain Webb and 100 years of Channel Swimming, 1975, ISBN --7153-6994-4, David & Charles Inc., North Pomfret Vermont, Vermont 05053, USA. (Out of print)

Nyad, Diana: Other Shores, 1978, Random House, Inc. New York, USA (Out of Print)

Pumphrey, George H : Conquering the English Channel, 1965, Abelard-Schuhman Ltd. Publishers, London, New York, Toronton (Out of print)

Renford, Des; Heads, Ian : Nothing Great is Easy, 1992, Ironbark Press, NSW, Australia ISBN 1-875471-08-1 (Out of print)

Ridge, Julie; Zimmer, Judith : Take it to the limit, 1986, Collier Macmillan Canada, Inc.

Rockett, Sam: It's cold in the channel, 1956, Taylor Garnett Evans & Co., Ltd., GB (Out of Print)

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team : English Channel Inspiration Book. 1990, not officially published, limited availability via the Sri Chinmoy Centre Zurich, Switzerland.

Watson, Kathy : The Crossing: The curious story of the first man to swim the English Channel, 2000, Headline Book Publishing, GB. ISBN 0-7472-6213-6

Webb, Mathhew, Cptn : The Art of Swimming, 1876, 1999 by Pryor Publications, GB, ISBN 0-946014-78-7

Wennerberg, Conrad : Wind, Waves and Sunburn - a brief history of marathon swimming, 1974, 1997, Breakaway Books, NY, USA

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26 March 2017, 11pm

  • - Air Temperature: 8.0°C (46.4°F)
  • - Sea Temperature: 9.4°C (48.9°F)
  • - Wind Direction: ENE (67°)
  • - Wind Speed: 20 Knots
  • - Wave Height: 0.6 Metres
  • - Wave Period: 5.0 Seconds

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