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Swim Results

Swim Results



Uswim Dover Souls Team Charlie 2016

  Not Successful
Team Name Uswim Dover Souls Team Charlie
Country Great Britain
Type / Route Relay (6 Swimmers), 1 way / England to France
Completed 19th July 2016 8:30am
Time 11:07
Pilot / Vessel Kevin Sherman / Connemara
Observer Paula Beshaw

Tracking data is provided by MarineTraffic

Please note: There is a known issue with the signal tracking on the vessel - Connemara, which may mean there are missing markers or incomplete tracks on the map. We are currently investigating.

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Channel Weather

Latest Observations from Sandettie
21 October 2016, 9pm

  • - Sea Temperature: 15.6°C (60.1°F)
  • - Wind Direction: N (0°)
  • - Wind Speed: 15 Knots
  • - Wave Height: 0.9 Metres
  • - Wave Period: 6.0 Seconds

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