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CSA Awards
Award Name Year
Fastest Swim on the Highest Tide Chloe McCardel 2020
Female(s) Pioneer Swim Water We Doing 2020
Greatest Contribution to the CSA Clive Burbage 2020
Greatest Feat of Endurance Kate Hartwright 2020
Greatest Feat of Endurance by a Ladies Relay Team May Contain Nuts 2020
King of the Channel® - Most Swims by a Man Michael Read 2020
Most Meritorious Swim Jessica Harrold 2020
Oldest Successful Swimmer GUY DAVIS 2020
Queen of the Channel® - Most Swims by a Lady Alison Streeter 2020
Swim in the most Arduous Conditions Daniel Shailer 2020
Youngest Relay Team SVK women relay 2020
Youngest Successful Swimmer Vera Rivard 2020
BLDSA Swimmer of the Year Kathryn Perry 2019
CSA Observer of the Year Keith Oiller 2019
CSA Special Award Lavington Channel Chargers 2019
CSA Special Award Oleg Ivanenko 2019
Earliest / Latest Swim Georgia Hall 2019
Fastest 2 Way Swim Brianna Thompson 2019
Fastest American Swim Brent Willess 2019
Fastest British Lady Georgia Hall 2019