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COVID-19 update: 22nd September 2020

Please note that the government have raised the alert level from 3 to 4. Currently this does not affect channel swimming.


Here is the latest update to the matrix:

COVID-19 Matrix 9 COVID-19 Matrix 10

COVID-19 update: 16th July 2020

We have been informed that the swim numbers on our boats relate to how many people the vessel can safely hold on board adhering to the latest Government Guidelines. You will need to contact your pilot to confirm their individual position.

For the latest information on travel for individual countries please follow this link from the UK government website.


Here is the latest update to the matrix:

COVID-19 Matrix 7 COVID-19 Matrix 8

COVID-19 update: 8th July 2020

A board member is meeting the pilots to check last minute details with their boats and procedures.


Here is the latest update to the matrix:

COVID-19 Matrix 5 COVID-19 Matrix 6

COVID-19 update: 2nd July 2020


The Channel Swimming Association have received confirmation that skippers can now operate from the 6th July. We are awaiting confirmation from the Government for a list of countries that will be required to quarantine upon entering the UK which is due to be released this week. Please check the status of this before travelling.

Landing in France

Immediately on clearing the water, you must return to the escort boat and you must not engage in any social interactions whilst on the French shore.

UK Position

We currently still have a restriction on only 6 people mixing from different households on the vessel including the pilots. Until this changes, it may affect some relays. Accommodation will be beginning to open on the 4th July and more people are being able to travel.

The UK Government are introducing local lockdowns if cases rise and we need to keep an eye on Dover and Folkestone for the next few months as lock downs in these areas would directly affect swims. Currently the Covid numbers are low in these areas. Please ensure you adhere to social distancing guidelines during your stay; face coverings must be worn on public transport and on all CSA vessels.


Ensure you fill out and sign the CSA waiver. Look out for this in your emails this week. You will be required to bring this form with you on your swim day and hand it to your observer.


All our vessels are COVID-19 SECURE and we hope that you will respect the guidelines put in place by the pilots. They have the right to abandon your swim at any point if there is any misconduct while on board their vessel.

Louise Jane Charters

Viking Princess II


Here is the latest update to the matrix:

COVID-19 Matrix 3 COVID-19 Matrix 4

COVID-19 update: 20th June 2020

The Channel Swimming Association have been continuously assessing the latest Government Guidelines regarding COVID-19. We have received news that we can now land in France, but swimmers currently still must quarantine upon their return to the UK. Anyone entering the UK from abroad are also required to quarantine as of June 8th. This is under review on the 29th June.

In July we expect to see restaurants and hotels begin to open. We are looking for the following changes in the next Government update to enable swims to go ahead:

  1. Non-essential travel - https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
  2. Being able to stay out overnight - as hotels begin to open in July this should relax.
  3. Skippers being able to operate – the Government have put restrictions on skippers working at sea.

Currently it is essential to wear face coverings on all public transport in the UK.

The next update by the UK Government is set for July 4th. Please keep in contact with your pilot for the planning of your swim. If you have not yet registered and still plan to swim, please submit your forms as soon as possible. We will be confirming our numbers with the coastguards very soon.

A waiver will be sent to all swimmers in the next couple of weeks. Please fill this form out prior to your swim. You will be required to bring this form with you on your swim day and hand it to your observer.

Our pilots have been working hard making their boats COVID-SECURE. Please respect the rules they have put in place. If there is any misconduct while on board the vessel, the pilot has the right to abandon your swim.

Please see the chart below with a summary of the current restrictions in place:


COVID-19 Matrix 1 COVID-19 Matrix 2

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