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Chloe McCardel grabs the TRIPLE title!

Posted on: 9th August 2015

A few hours ago Chloe McCardel from Australia made history. She became not only the first Australian to complete a TRIPLE solo swim but the 3rd fastest of only 4 EVER completed, all by CSA swimmers. An astonishing achievement. Chloe has now completed 12 crossings of the English Channel with the Channel Swimming Association, 5 solo swims, 2 x 2-way solo swims and today the triple.

30 year old Chloe's final crossing from the UK took 13 hours 30 minutes, making landfall in France at approx 5.30 PM BST (2.30 AM AEST).

Total swim time: 36 hours 12 minutes.

A HUGE congratulations to Chloe and also her amazing crew, the Brickell brothers (Reg and Ray).

Enjoy a well-deserved rest! :)

Here is the link to her swim: