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CSA Dinner and Presentation Dinner Success

Posted on: 7th November 2016

It was lovely to see so many swimmers, coaches and family at the Annual Presentation Dinner on the 5th November. We had an amazing time and loved meeting you all. We hope you enjoyed yourselves too.

Huge Congratulations to all the swimmers who received awards and their certificates on Saturday and, of course, all those who were not able to attend.

Trophy Holders for 2016 include:

Chloe McCardel (fastest swim + fastest lady, first to swim 8 solo's in a season)

Rebecca Lewis (fastest British person, fastest. British lady + BLDSA swimmer)

Emma Gibbard (greatest feat of endurance)

Andrew Rees (award to a disabled swimmer)

Emre Erdogan (fastest swim by a man)

Rick Seirer (oldest successful swimmer)

Fernanda Lopez Garza (youngest swimmer)

Phil Collins (best observer)

Marc Newman (most meritorious)

Cambridge Relay (fastest relay, mixed relay, youngest relay)

Honu Para (fastest men's relay)

Honu Para 1 + 2 / Tim Denyer (open award)

Susan Knight (fastest American)

Simeon Ractliffe (greatest contribution to CSA)

Howard James (best swimmer in arduous condition, earliest/latest swim)

Team Northwood (fastest men's - not 6)

Fast 1 (fastest men's - not 6/mixed)

Cha Cha (fastest ladies/not 6)

Also, congratulations to Pastra Cretonaxiosa - first Greek relay team to complete the English Channel Swim.