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Help to Save Carr Junior School's swimming pool

Posted on: 14th November 2018

Each year we look to donate money to various places relating to swimming activities. One of the donations this year will go to Carr Junior School' s swimming pool fund..

Carr Junior School Donation

The Channel Swimming Association is delighted to announce a donation to Carr Junior School in the City of York, for a sum of £500. The school swimming pool has been threatened with closure. Here is a bit about the school:

Carr Junior School Pool - a brief history and guide

The pool at Carr Junior was built in the mid 1970s from funds raised by the parents. The pool is 12 m long and 84cm deep all over which makes it just perfect for children learning to swim as they can all stand in the whole pool.

The pool is used extremely well by the local community, in the morning we have Parents and babies who have duckling’s lessons 4 mornings a week from 9.30 until 12.noon. The children range in age from 0-4 and really enjoy their first steps into swimming.

On an afternoon the pool is used by children from our school and two other local schools for swimming lessons, these children range in age from 6-11 years. Some can swim and some are still learning. The children include those with a range of Special Educational Needs including hearing loss, physical mobility issues, Autism, ADHD and cognitive difficulties. The one thing that they share is the love of swimming and the ability to do it in a small and nurturing environment where they feel safe.

After school the pool is used 5 nights per week for swimming lessons from 3.30-5.30pm, children come from all over York to learn to swim and they progress from non swimming through to a range of stokes and badges.

As a school with the assistance of the PTA and Froggy Legs Swim School we hold an annual Triathlon to encourage all children to try a new and different aspect of the sport.

“We realise that our pool is going to require a new liner soon and some structural work to keep it operational.”

Dear Head teacher,

I am writing to ask if I could organise a whole school sponsored swim as part of my Archie B award and to raise money to Save our Pool. We would swim the English Channel which is 21 miles.

I have calculated that the English Channel is 33,796 metres or 2,816.3 lengths of Carr Pool. We could do this class by class and pupils could raise money through sponsorship. I have asked my mum and Froggy Legs Swim School and she would be willing to volunteer as a lifeguard and help on the day.

I learnt to swim in the pool and I want other people to be able to continue to learn in the future.

Yours sincerely