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Godfrey Beaton

Posted on: 24th February 2022

Sadly we have just learnt from Bryan Finlay that Godfrey Beaton passed away on the 5th February 2022.

Bryan wrote: The BLDSA formed some amazing bonds between us swimmers and administrators and Godfrey was a true reflection of those bonds.

Sadly, I just received a notice of his passing, at age 90. He was a long-term BLDSA swimmer, boatman and loyal supporter.

(Photograph: Godfrey Beaton, CSA President Gerry Forsberg and Bryan Finlay.- Windermere 1999)

Godfrey was one of the earliest BLDSA swimmers after its formation, and he completed Lake Windermere in 1958 (7:38) and 1959 (8:17).

Apart from his own Windermere swims, he subsequently crewed for a number of our swimmers including Gerry Forsberg in Gerry’s later swims.

I was so happy to have Godfrey on my 1998 and 1999 Windermere swims where we also got to meet with Gerry at the 1999 finish.

Then in 2002, Godfrey was my crew-person on my 20-hour Channel effort where, even at that time (20 years ago), he was suffering badly from gout. (Regrettably, Bryan was pulled out of the water on safety grounds, when only a few hundred yards from success).

In the intervening years, we’ve continued to exchange Christmas cards, along with emails from his wife Judith.

I was always so impressed by the wonderful handwriting on those Christmas exchanges.

I often think on Godfrey and will always remember him fondly.

In true BLDSA tradition, Godfrey was always a faithful and enthusiastic supporter of the Association and its swimmers.

RIP Godfrey.