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Channel News
  • CSA Observer and Pilot Meeting

    Our Observer and Pilot Meeting was held on Saturday 2nd May in Folkestone. As part of this meeting all those present were trained in basic first aid and for the first time we could include defibrillator training. All our boats now have defibs as stan... More »»

  • Booked to swim the Channel in 2016 and looking to do a qualifying swim?

    Many swimmers have difficulties finding a place to do their qualifying solo or relay swims, especially with paperwork deadlines to meet. Therefore, if you are booked already for 2016, then come and do your six and two hour qualifying swims on the Swi... More »»

  • Are you a Junior Relay Team swimming the Channel in 2015?

    Would you like to appear on CBBC? We are looking for a Junior Relay Team who is planning to take on the tall task of swimming the English Channel. Would you or they like to share their experiences and appear in a new series of the successful document... More »»

  • CSA Dinner and AGM

    CSA Crest

    Our annual CSA dinner will be held on Saturday 1st November at Dover Town Hall. Don't forget to book your tickets NOW. E-mail Kat on dinner@channelswimmingassociation.com to enquire and book. We hold our AGM the following morrning (10am) also at ... More »»

  • David Mace 1934-2014

    CSA Crest

    It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of David Mace. A great long distance competitior in the 1970-80's who tussled, usually unsuccessfully, with our President in many BLDSA events. However, he got his revenge when he made the... More »»

  • Richard Bethune

    CSA Crest

    Congratulations to the British swimmer Richard Bethune who successfully crossed the Channel yesterday (19/9) in a time of 13hrs and 45mins (unratified). He was supported by his pilot Stuart Gleeson on Sea Leopard Charter. Richard did especially well ... More »»

  • Matthias Holvoet

    CSA Crest

    Matthias Holvoet from Belgium landed at Pte du riden at 15.55 with a swim time of 11hrs 53 mins (unratified). Matthias was supported by Stuart Gleeson on Sea Leopard Charter. Congratulations on a fantastic swim you are now a 'Channel Swimmer'... More »»

  • James McIntosh

    CSA Crest

    At 07:13 hrs this morning (16/9) James McIntosh became one of the CSA's newest Channel Swimmers when he landed on the sand beach 1.5 miles north east of Wissant - completing his swim in 17 hrs 8 mins (to be ratified). James was on 'Pathfinder... More »»

  • Rachael Elkaim

    CSA Crest

    Rachael Elkaim from Australia became a Channel swimmer today, 15th September, crossing in a time of 13hrs and 01min (unratified). Rachael who is part of Vladswim, Sydney, began her swim at 04.38 from Samphire Hoe and landed in France at 17.39 this af... More »»

  • Justin Hanby

    CSA Crest

    Congratulations to Justin Hanby (Australian) who has successfully crossed the Channel today, 15th September, in a time of 11hrs and 47mins (unratified). Justin who is from Vladswim, in Sydney was supported by his pilot Reg Brickell on Viking Princess... More »»