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Channel News
  • Stroke for Egypt

    CSA Crest

    We are delighted that the Stroke for Egypt Academy has agreed to become our partner in the Middle East & North Africa. Stroke for Egypt’s Vision: The Stroke for Egypt Academy (SFEA) with the support of the Channel Swimming Association seeks... More »»

  • Bill Pickering's funeral

    CSA Crest

    Bill Pickering's funeral will take place at the Church of St Matthew, Woodville Road, Overseal, Derbys, DE12 6JG. The service will commence at 11.00am on the 10th September if anyone would like to attend.... More »»

  • Andre Wiersig

    CSA Crest

    Congratulations to Andre Wiersig (German) who successfully crossed the English Channel yesterday, in a time of 9hrs and 43mins (to be ratified). Andre was on board Viking Princess with pilot Reg Brickell. Well done to Andre from all at the CSA.... More »»

  • Richard Dines

    The British swimmer Richard Dines became a Channel swimmer today, landing at Point du riden at 16.13 with a swim time of 13 hrs 8 mins (to be ratified). Richard was on his second swim attempt and finally made it! He was on board Sea Leopard Charter w... More »»

  • Swim4Good

    CSA Crest

    The Spanish team Swim4Good successfully crossed from England to France yesterday, in a time of 12hrs and 08mins (unratified). They were on board Masterpiece with pilot Fred Mardle. Well done to the whole team and crew.... More »»

  • Petit Frere

    CSA Crest

    Congratulations to the relay team Petit Frere who successfully swam the Channel today, in a time of 13hrs 12mins (unratified). They set off on Rowena FE75 with pilot Peter Reed at 01.45 and landed in France despite rough conditions at 14.57. Well don... More »»

  • Buoys and a Girl

    CSA Crest

    Huge congratulations to the relay team 'Buoys and a Girl' who successfully crossed the Channel today in 11hrs and 13mins (unratified). They were on Viking Princess with pilot Reg Brickell. Well done to the whole team.... More »»

  • Michael Hanisch

    CSA Crest

    The Australian Michael Hanisch became a Channel swimmer today landing on the Cape at 13.45, making his swim time a brilliant 11hrs 49mins (unratified). He was on Louise Jane Charter with pilot Andy King. Well done to Michael and all the crew!... More »»

  • Water Buffalo Aquatic Team

    CSA Crest

    The American relay team 'Water Buffalo Aquatic Team' successfully completed their one-way swim in a time of 11 hrs and 42 mins (to be ratified) when they landed on the sand beach 1/2 mile east of Cap Gris Nez at 13:42 hrs today (01/09/14). Co... More »»

  • Dorset Duo

    Congratulations Ali and Mark who landed at petit blanc nez at 16.25 with a swim time of 14 hrs 25 mins (unratified). Their pilot was Stuart Gleeson on Sea Leopard. Well done to Dorset Duo and all the crew!... More »»