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Reg & Ray Brickell - Viking Princess II

About Reg & Ray’s boat – Viking Princess II

Passengers & Crew: 12
Category: 2 (2 = 60 miles from Port or Safe Haven)
Length: 11.00m
Type: Commercial Catamaran

The Viking Princess II is a commercial Catamaran, we were the owners of Viking Princess fishing trawler, which gave us a vast knowledge of the English Channel which is of extreme value when escorting channel swimmers.

We have all the latest high-tech navigation equipment with a large cabin and seating area, we have enough seating for everyone inside and outside. We also have an electric lift which is ideal for relay swims or solo swimmers when they need to come back on the boat. We have an electric kettle, microwave, small fridge and separated flushing toilet outside of main cabin. Practice swims are also available and advice is always given

We hold all necessary certificates including Coastal Skipper and all Safety Certificates including First Aid Certificates

We are licensed to carry 12 persons; we have escorted Channel Swimmers for 50+ years and gained our experience from our father who was an excellent Pilot.

We were awarded a place in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in May 2010

The International Marathon Hall of fame quote was: ‘Their knowledge of Channel elements of weather, water and likely conditions has earned them a place in English Channel history as the most successful team to ‘Lead the way’ in helping channel crossers succeed. They are usually “right on” for picking the day and time to start a swim.’

CSA Record Breakers we have escorted include:

Fastest Man – 1 way
Fastest Lady – 2 ways
Fastest Ladies Butterfly – 1 way
Fastest Ladies Backstroke – 1 way
Fastest Mixed Relay – 1 way

And many more

Contact Reg

Tel: +44 (0)1303 248275
Mobile: 07770 551317
Email: brickellbrothers@gmail.com


Viking Princess II is based in Dover Harbour. Therefore, please ensure your accommodation is based in this area for your swim. Check our Resources section for Swimmer-friendly Accommodation in Dover


Below is the recorded position of Viking Princess II over the last 16 hours.

Tracking data is provided by MarineTraffic

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Channel Weather

Latest Observations from Sandettie
19 September 2021, 2pm

  • - Air Temperature: 18.1°C (64.6°F)
  • - Sea Temperature: 18.4°C (65.1°F)
  • - Wind Direction: ESE (112°)
  • - Wind Speed: 1 Knots
  • - Wave Height: 0.3 Metres
  • - Wave Period: 5.0 Seconds

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